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A suggestion for some advocacy is anyone is going to the wbez Global Activism Forum. 


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Last year I attended the 1st Global Activism Expo and
handed out the following sheet to all the organizations
that attended:  http://webserver.meme.com/linuxadvocacy.odt
The sheet describes what Linux is and
why they might want to use it and FOSS.

There was a lot of interest.  What I learned is that it
is not enough to provide an overview.  The sheet
sparked interest but that's probably as far
as it went.  These organizations
need to know about specific projects, and URLS they
can use, that solve their needs.  They need everything
from word processing to data mining.

This year I cannot attend.

It would be cool if someone(s) would show up this year
with both my sheet and some sort of sheet with
a "use this bit of free software instead of that
other proprietary program" list.  Or any other sort
of information that would help these organizations
use and promote FOSS in the regions where they work.

The expo is Sat afternoon/early evening:

Be sure to show whatever you plan to hand out to the
organizers and ask for permission before you start!

I have a box of about 800 of my handout (in black and
white) if that will help anybody.

Please pass this on to other Chicago area FOSS groups.

Thank you.


Karl <kop at meme.com>
Free Software:  "You don't pay back, you pay forward."
                  -- Robert A. Heinlein

P.S.  Seeing as how FOSS is, in some sense,
a global activism project it might be nice to
if someday there was a FOSS booth at the expo.

P.P.S.  Note that the
URL is not permanent.  I was not able to attach
the document to this email due to mailing
list size restrictions.

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