[UFO Chicago] Google browser, comcast 250 GB limit

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Mon Sep 1 20:16:03 PDT 2008

It hasn't come up at the meetings, but is probably worth discussing: 
Comcast has finally gone public with their expected bandwidth limits.  On 
Oct 1st, they propose to limit consumption to 250GB per month.

What's slightly sinister is their policy of saying "Don't call me; I'll 
call you."  When you get close to the limit, they'll contact you. 
Otherwise it's OK.  It would be nice to be a bit more transparent and 
actually allow you to check what your usage is to know if you're even in 
the range.


Also, some newspapers are reporting that Google is going to release a new 
browser and, according to the AP, they're planning Mac and Linux versions.


Interestly, the details for now are a comic book:


Interested to see how this one turns out....


Brian Sobolak
brian at planetshwoop.com

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