[UFO Chicago] An Opportunity To Teach "Design and Deploy Linux ThinClient" In Ohio: May 13 - May 15, 2008

Jay F Shachter jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Tue Mar 18 10:09:24 PDT 2008


I have a client, who has a client, who needs three days of "Linux
ThinClient" training.  I do not know what "Linux ThinClient" is, even
after seeing the course outline I still do not know what it is, but
since it has the word "Linux" in it, I suspect that expertise in this
subject might be found among this readership.  Here is the course
outline.  If you wish to pick up some extra money in exchange for
three days of training. in Ohio, in May, let me know, and I shall put
you in contact with my client.

> Chapter 1 gives you a overview of exactly what is a thin client, and the
> different types that are available.
> Chapter 2 gives you a sample of multiple types of thin clients. This
> chapter will help you decide the hardware to deploy.
> Chapter 3 identifies key areas to review when considering the financial
> impact of your thin client plan and also discusses hardware acquisition
> and staffing costs.
> Chapter 4 addresses what might be the hardest part of your deployment:
> People. Some people are passionate about their software and others are
> challenged with any workflow changes. It's important to address them as
> much as possible before, during, and after deployment.
> Chapter 5 reviews the network required to run thin clients. Because of
> the simplicity of the computing deployment, your network too is
> simplified.
> Chapter 6 covers the steps necessary to design a server for the number
> of users in your deployment and the steps to allow thin clients to log
> into and run a desktop environment.
> Chapter 7 explores software packages that run on Linux, along with their
> suitability to run over the network to thin clients.
> Chapter 8 reviews the process of considering the operating system to
> deploy on the devices and also covers interaction with USB devices and
> speakers.
> Chapter 9 covers three aspects of support: supporting your users,
> support within your IT staff, and support from software vendors.

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