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Sun Mar 16 19:38:10 PDT 2008

Hey everyone --

This sounds like a good event and is probably worth attending.
Perhaps we can put it on the official agenda at the next meeting.


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Some or all of us may wish to attend this.  It's held around the
 corner at UIC; might help get some info about Linux for the SSR
 Support team.


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 To everyone interested,

  The University of Illinois at Chicago Linux Users Group (UIC-LUG) and
  the University of Illinois at Chicago Association for Computing
  Machinery (UIC-ACM) are hosting their second annual Flourish
  Conference promoting the adoption and use of Free, Libre and Open
  Source Software (FLOSS). The UIC-LUG and UIC-ACM would like to invite
  you to attend this glorious event.  The entire conference is free

  with registration (or $5 at the door), but please do register if you
  plant to attend to lets us know how many people we should expect.

  Some of our featured speakers will include:  Bruce Perens from Source
  Labs, Jon "maddog" Hall from Linux International, Brian Fitzpatrick
  (and Ben Collins-Sussman) from Google, Dru Lavigne from Open Source
  Business Resource and BSD Certification Group Inc., among many others.

  We will be hosting a variety of events which include but are not
  limited to:  BarCamp Mini, Flourish Mini-expo, WAFD (Web Application
  Framework Development) Rumble, Networking Events,  and Hack-a-Thon,
  BSDA Examination.  For more information please visit:

  Flourish 2008 will be held on Friday, April 4th and Saturday, April
  5th of next year. We expect the conference attendance to be between
  300 and 400 people. Please reply and let me know whether or not you
  will be attending Flourish 2008. If you have any questions about
  Flourish, please e-mail me at samir at esamir.com and I will get back to
  you as soon as possible. You can also visit the Flourish website at

  Organizations/Developers:  We still have open tables in the expo
  space, if you'd like to use one of the tables to advertise your said
  organization or promote an event.  We are also still looking for
  developers to represent the various Web frameworks.  If anyone is
  interested in participating, please feel free to contact me.

  Also, please redirect and forward this email to any list that you
  think may have an interest in this conference.

  Thank you,

  Samir Faci
  Flourish Public Relations
  Linux Users Of Northern Illinois - Technical Discussion

 Brian Sobolak

Brian Sobolak

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