[UFO Chicago] thank god for bogofilter

Nate Riffe inkblot at movealong.org
Tue Oct 16 15:38:28 PDT 2007

Politik Durden said this (probably recently):
> Ok I'm in the same boat spam wise so I would love a brief recap of the
> solution. Or can someone point me to the archives ? Thanks.

Install bogofilter and then put this at the top of your procmailrc:


# filter mail through bogofilter, tagging spam as spam
:0fw: $HOME/.bogofilter.lock
| bogofilter -u -e -p -o 0.55,0.55

# Send the mail to $BULK if it's judged as spam
* ^X-Bogosity: Yes, tests=bogofilter

So without any training, bogofilter won't filter out anything.  I have
handy key bindings for mutt that allow you to do training on a
per-message basis whenever bogofilter gets a message wrong.  Basically
what this means is that for the first few days you should be extra
vigilant about correcting bogofilter's mistakes, but after that you
can just peruse the bulk mailbox for false positives every once in a
while.  Really, they should be pretty rare but it sort of depends on
how fine a line you draw between what is and isn't spam.


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