Stupid OSS names (was Re: [UFO Chicago] alternatives to mailman?)

Larry Garfield larry at
Mon Jun 4 23:06:45 PDT 2007

On Monday 04 June 2007, Jordan Bettis wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 04, 2007 at 12:06:06PM -0500, Neil R. Ormos wrote:
> > I think I agree with Larry.  Most KDE names (other
> > than Konqueror), even if not completely
> > descriptive, are at least reminiscent of the
> > function performed by the program.  "Enemies of
> > Carlotta" is misdescriptive.  It brings to mind a
> > video game starring an animated Angelina Jolie.
> Where is it written in the book of Unix that names have to be
> descriptive, or even "reminiscent." Does 'biff' conjure images of
> checking a mailbox? Heck, majordomo, what the f*ck is that? Does it
> involve marching bands?

A majordomo is a butler, specifically of a large household.  He manages the 
household in his employer's absence.

> One of the perks of starting a free software project is you get to
> name it whatever you damn well please. 

And one of the perks if using free software is that one gets to poke fun at 
ass-stupid names. :-)

> That said, I think the only thing I can think of more Finnish-nerd
> than naming your free software project after a quote from a Steve
> Martin movie is trying to set the record straight about sword-wielding
> blond chicks --- and offering to sell prints off of your bubblejet
> printer.

I have absolutely no idea what you just said.

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