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This sounds pretty intriguing.


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    please post this info re the upcoming ACM Google Presentation on 1/9/2008.
            Marc Temkin

For January 9th hosting at Google Chicago

Title: Building Scalable Systems and Moving Large Datasets


In order to manage ever-increasing computation needs, Google continues
to scale its hardware and software systems to meet the need to store
more data, serve more requests, and at the same time improve results.

Using Google Code's Subversion server as a case study, this talk will
cover Google's hardware philosophy and several core infrastructure
technologies such as GFS, BigTable, and MapReduce. We'll also review
advances in storage as they relate to Google's project for moving
large scientific datasets.

Brian Fitzpatrick, Engineering Manager, Google

Brian Fitzpatrick started his career at Google in 2005 as the first
software engineer hired in the Chicago office. Brian leads Google's
Chicago engineering efforts and also serves as engineering manager for
Google Code and internal advisor for Google's open source efforts.
Prior to joining Google, Brian was a senior software engineer on the
version control team at CollabNet, working on Subversion, cvs2svn, and
CVS. He has also worked at Apple Computer as a senior engineer in
their professional services division, developing both client and web
applications for Apple's largest corporate customers.

Brian has been an active open source contributor for over ten years.
After years of writing small open source programs and bugfixes, he
became a core Subversion developer in 2000, and then the lead
developer of the cvs2svn utility. He was nominated as a member of the
Apache Software Foundation in 2002 and spent two years as the ASF's VP
of Public Relations. Brian has written numerous articles and given
many presentations on a wide variety of subjects from version control
to software development, including co-writing "Version Control with
Subversion" as well as chapters for "Unix in a Nutshell" and "Linux in
a Nutshell."

Brian has an A.B. in Classics from Loyola University Chicago with a
major in Latin, a minor in Greek, and a concentration in Fine Arts and
Ceramics. Despite growing up in New Orleans and working for Silicon
Valley companies for most of his career, he decided years ago that
Chicago was his home and stubbornly refuses to move to California.

Brians' Website:

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Brian Sobolak

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