[UFO Chicago] Whining about XWindows

Neil R. Ormos ormos at ripco.com
Mon Dec 3 03:43:50 PST 2007

Brian Sobolak wrote:

> There are many things I hate about X.

> Top of my list: the whole copy and paste thing.

> It annoys me to no end that in order to paste between applications I have
> to use the mouse.  Yuck.

> That is all.

Perhaps xclip(1) can help.

-> XCLIP(1)                                   XCLIP(1)
->        xclip - command line interface to X
->        selections (clipboard)
->        xclip [OPTION] [FILE]...
->        Reads from standard in, or from one or more
->        files, and makes the data available as an X
->        selection for  pasting into X applications.
->        Prints current X selection to standard out.


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