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An install fest this Saturday.  Notable because there are speakers (as in
presenters), free food, and some presentations on different programming

Contact Samir if you want more info.


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Subject: [LUNI] ANN: UIC Install Fest
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This is a direct copy of what I sent to UIC Lists, pay close attention to
http://lug.cs.uic.edu/install/  we'll be adding info on where to park for
free as soon as I find out.  Everyone is invited, food, drinks, computers
and speakers.

Any questions, email me.


Attention all faculty staff and students....(and geeks in general)

The UIC Linux Users Group will be holding their Spring Linux Install Fest
on Saturday 02/18/2006 from 11 am to 7 pm in SEL 2262. We will assist
users in installing a new Linux distribution or upgrade a current one.  We
also have several corporate speakers including Red Hat, Gentoo, National
Association of Realtors, SMS Promo.  We will also have several student
presentations on various topics including Cocoa, GDB, Web Programming.

More details can be found at http://lug.cs.uic.edu/install/ and

Please pass this information to all concerned or anyone you deem would
have an interest in the event.

Samir Faci
President of the UIC Linux Users Group

Samir Faci
samir at esamir.com
Unix is mature OS, windows is still in diapers and they smell badly.
        -- Rafael Skodlar

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