(was Re: [UFO Chicago] follow-up from last night--taxidermy)

Brian Sobolak brian at
Sat Feb 11 12:02:56 PST 2006

sten wrote:
> Brian Sobolak wrote:
>>Last night I mentioned some of the great things about taxidermy.  Here's
>>my personal collection of bookmarks on the topic:
> Tangential, but what do y'all think of I've rediscovered
> it just recently, and started really using it a lot:
> For now, it's just replacing the unorganized dump of bookmarks I had
> spread across a half-dozen different systems, but I'm seeing myself use
> it more and more to a) mark stuff for my own purposes and b) highlight
> stuff for other people.
> My one quibble is the same as I have with almost every public website- I
> now depend on the existence of to remember where the recipe
> for mesquite chocolate chip cookies is, rather than my own systems,
> where I know the backup schedule, I have a good idea of the time and
> effort to restore in case of a disaster, and I know (well, I don't
> expect) I'm not gonna suddenly up and disappear.

In my case the Sobolak bookmark diaspora made it such that the risk of 
having delicious unavailable was better than the need for me know where 
the data was stored.  FWIW, they do have an export option.

If you've got the space, a decent Firefox alternative is Slogger, which 
saves pages into a directory onto your own machine.  Bookmarks might be 
past their prime - just save the whole page and the URL.

> I guess I just want everything to be like SMTP- I'd like to run a
> bookmark app on my own site, and have it talk to other people's via RSS,
> XML-RPC, XMPP, whatever. Thoughts? I checked out, which is
> OSS, but it's still a central site.

A simple homebrew solution would be to create your own blog.  Create a 
bookmarklet that can help with bringing the URL-to-be-bookmarked over 
the the blog software.  If you use Wordpress or Textile, you'd be able 
to categorize, publish as RSS, etc. etc.

(Side note:  lately I've been thinking of blogs as the easiest 
roll-your-own database app instead of a content management tool.  It 
offers some interesting possibilities, all with no coding.)


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