[UFO Chicago] Recommendation Please: Domain Name registration, etc., services.

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Thu Aug 10 14:59:34 PDT 2006

Brian Sobolak wrote:
>> I'm looking for recommendations for a domain name
>> registration service that will will provide DNS,
>> email-forwarding and URL framing/forwarding.
>> I've been using an outfit that resells service
>> from eNom, but the reseller has provided lousy
>> customer service.  Another reseller of eNom's
>> service might be OK.
> Since I utterly detest bind/named, I was studying djbdns quite a bit
> recently.  djb recommended joker.net, which I used and was quite pleased
> with.  They are a Swiss outfit and I believe it was $12.  I've used Gandi,
> Verio, Network Solutions, and Yahoo in the past; this was my best
> experience to date.  They do all of the above (which eliminates my bind
> problems, mostly).

I use Joker too -- $12 for email forwarding and DNS (and some other 
stuff I don't use) along with the name isn't too bad, and I'm very happy 
  not to be hosting DNS myself.  I haven't had many customer support 
experiences with them, but then I suppose that's a good thing.  I think 
the only problem I've had is having the CC declined because it looked 
like fraud (since they are in another country), and they dealt with that 

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