[UFO Chicago] [OT] Anybody using OPT-E-MAN?!?

Christopher D. Heer cheer at dls.net
Mon Aug 7 07:23:00 PDT 2006

DISCLAIMER: I work for AT&T.  But.  I work for the legacy side, and have no
connection/knowledge/visibility/etc. to the LEC side of the house.

I have a client that uses OPT-E-MAN and is very happy with it, but they
aren't doing any QOS or load-sharing.

Have you considered an MPLS-type of solution?  I don't have any idea where
the cost structures fall in but for multiple locations MPLS can often be a
good fit, especially if you do want to do COS/QOS.

Send me a direct email (so as not to further drag the poor list OT) and we
can discuss further.


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Sorry for the off-topic question, but this is the only list that I know of,
the area, with people with all sorts of expertise (not the least of which is

networking). I am contemplating replacement of multiple T1 connections, in a

hub-and-spoke setup, between a client HQ and a couple of subsidiaries, all
IL, with the AT&T/SBC's OPT-E-MAN service. The point-to-point T1s they are 
using now are not scalable anymore, but they are nice for allowing QoS 
control, and load-balancing and redundancy ... I was wondering if anyone on 
this list has/had experience with this Eth-MAN service, and is willing to 
share some opinions and pros/cons.


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