[UFO Chicago] Chicago FreeBSD site - spam harvester?

Josef Grosch jgrosch at mooseriver.com
Thu Jan 6 17:01:21 CST 2005

On Thu, Jan 06, 2005 at 02:58:27PM -0600, Brian Sobolak wrote:
> Hola -
> I was going to write the guys behind the FreeBSD handbook today and
> suggest that we add UFO to the list.  There's been a Chicago FreeBSD user
> group for forever, though I don't think it's been active in my lifetime
> with FreeBSD (last 4 - 5 years).
> <http://chifug.org>
> It appears to be now though.  The odd thing is that the "info at chifug.org"
> email address not even sort of subtlely points to info at sbip.org.  That
> domain also looks very fake.  Whois info for both domains is sketchy at
> best, and the people certainly don't live anywhere in or near Chicago.
> Anyone heard of this group at all?  If not, I'm going to recommend to the
> BSD handbook people that it gets pulled.
> brian


Hello, some of you might know me. I am the co-founder of BAFUG and past
president. I used to live in Chicago. I registered this domain several
years ago but it lapsed and when I went to re-register it again it had been
snagged by a porn site owner. Doh! The registration expires in May of this
year and I will try and grab it back. If I am successful I will be happy to
let a legitimate FreeBSD user group use the domain. I will even host the
domain for said user group.

Keep your fingers crossed.


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