[UFO Chicago] Chicago Python Users Group Meeting, September 9

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Thu Sep 9 11:34:59 CDT 2004

Brian Sobolak wrote:
> I don't wish to be whiny, but is there any way you guys could make a 
> modest attempt at not meeting on the same night as UFO?

I'd like to.  We started out with meetup.com, and they picked the night 
arbitrarily.  I guess all Python Meetups happen on the same night, 
throughout the country!  Eh, I don't know why I care, but Meetup cares. 
   Maybe there's some hundredth monkey principle going on; if we all get 
together at the same time and think about Python really hard, Java will 
go poof! with a flash and some smoke.  Yep, that's it.

So no one is very set on this night.  We just haven't had the 
wherewithall to change it.  Meetup is increasing flexibility, but we 
should also self-organize.  I'd like for it to conflict less with other 
computer activities in the city; it seems like Wednesday is a decent day 
for that.  I think Tuesdays are sometimes taken by a couple recurring 
computer events.

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