[UFO Chicago] Re: Re: Thanks!

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Wed Mar 3 15:16:47 CST 2004

Paul Suda wrote:
> Heh heh.
> That definitely is not from me. I think viruses plug in addresses from 
> the infected machines address book in both the from: and to: headers. 
> I've gotten quite a few automatic messages from anti-virus software 
> telling me my machine is infected, when it really is someone else's 
> system with the virus, just sending things out with my email. Closer 
> inspection of the headers usually reveals where it really came from.

It's kind of an interesting phenomena, though -- it wasn't you, but it 
was probably someone else subscribed to the list, because they had you 
and the list email address in their inbox (or wherever the virus got the 

I often get viruses, and try to figure out what this says about our 
interconnections.  Who would have my email address, and the email 
address I see in From:?  (or vice versa when I get a virus notification 
when someone forges my email address)

Oh well, we'll never know.  Unless someone wants to admit they were 
infected?  We'll only mock you a little...


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