[UFO Chicago] Re: Re: Thanks!

Paul Suda paul at manufaxure.com
Tue Mar 2 20:29:51 CST 2004

Heh heh.

That definitely is not from me. I think viruses plug in addresses from 
the infected machines address book in both the from: and to: headers. 
I've gotten quite a few automatic messages from anti-virus software 
telling me my machine is infected, when it really is someone else's 
system with the virus, just sending things out with my email. Closer 
inspection of the headers usually reveals where it really came from.

I have no windows machines configured for any of my email accounts, nor 
has my one windows machine been turned on in the last week to send that out.

  - Paul

Ian Bicking wrote:
> Somebody out there is not using a free operating system, and they have 
> paid the price for their folly!
> paul at manufaxure.com wrote:
>> See the attached file for details.


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