[UFO Chicago] Question: wireless internet access in Chicago?

Paul Suda paul at manufaxure.com
Wed Dec 29 20:11:21 CST 2004

You might want to check out American Wireless Broadband. See...


I'm not sure if they serve all of Chicago, but they do serve some very 
unserved areas on the south and west sides of the city.

I have not personally worked with them, but a place I know located about 
4 miles directly west of downtown on Central Park Av. got their service 
set up about 9 months ago. They had some problems initially, I seem to 
remember them having to come out and fiddle with the antenna a few 
times, and some problems on rainy days. But I think they eventually got 
all of that worked out, and other than slightly above average latency, 
had a good connection.

They seem to be locally based, and relatively small, so at least you 
would not be "giving yet another mega-monopoly your money".

Good luck.

  - Paul

> 1.  The only two ISPs I can remember, DLS.net and MC.net, offer the
> service, but not in Chicago.  Anyone know of a local-ish ISP who might
> offer this?


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