[UFO Chicago] Re: More about OSS Chicago (Rob Latham)

Lukas Eklund leklund at tastytronic.net
Mon Oct 13 14:38:37 EDT 2003

Quoting Peter A. Peterson II:
> I had a conversation with a guy (back during the last electoral
> college shocker) where I drew lines between the electoral college, 
> direct democracy, and how Chicago basically controls the State of IL
> (in more than Presidential elections) on sheer population. He didn't
> see any reason why Chicago shouldn't be able to call all the shots for
> the entire state. 

Chicago, as a city, is 23.3% of the population of Illinois. The Illinois
House has 23.7% of its members from Chicago and the Senate has 25.4%
(numbers based on address of district office). If you include the suburbs
then perhaps "Chicagoland" can control the entire state, but Chicago alone,
while powerful, can't just dictate policy to the state as a whole (and I
don't they should be able to).

Lukas Eklund
leklund at tastytronic.net

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