[UFO Chicago] Re: More about OSS Chicago (Rob Latham)

Peter A. Peterson II pedro at tastytronic.net
Mon Oct 13 12:38:02 EDT 2003

Quoting Jordan Bettis:
> > Oddly enough, maybe I'm from Chicago, but I'm *definitely* not from
> > Illinois.  Illinois is someplace else entirely.  I really wish I could
> > get Chicago license plates, because the Illinois license plates just
> > look disingenuous to me.
> Yeah, because it's not like upstate and downstate Illinois are linked
> by economics, history, or politics.
> Who was Von Th?nen anyway? An idiot, that's what.

Yeah, Ian, I was going to say, "You and everyone else in this city."

Not in a insulting way, but just in a "it's typical" kind of way. i

I had a conversation with a guy (back during the last electoral
college shocker) where I drew lines between the electoral college, 
direct democracy, and how Chicago basically controls the State of IL
(in more than Presidential elections) on sheer population. He didn't
see any reason why Chicago shouldn't be able to call all the shots for
the entire state. 

I know that's not your mentality, but I find it funny how Chicago
really is its own thing and the fact that it's in Illinois, and to
Chicagoans, the fact that Chicago holds so much power of the state is
almost irrelevant at worst, and a good thing at best.


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