[UFO Chicago] More about OSS Chicago

Kiran kiran at mutantape.com
Mon Oct 6 18:59:52 EDT 2003

This is the same phenomenon that makes people from Aurora & Naperville
claim they are from Chicago. Although I assume the talk should be just
as good.

On Fri, 2003-10-03 at 16:43, Nate Riffe wrote:
> Having never heard of Vernon Hills, IL, I went to
> http://www.mapquest.com/ to find it.  I entered "Vernon Hills" and
> "IL" in the appropriate form fields and clicked on "Get Map".
> Surprise, surprise, the resulting map does not even have Chicago on
> it.  I've heard of some of the places on this map, and I even knew
> where Arlington Heights was, so I can surmise that Chicago is nearby.
> That big unlabeled blue spot must be Lake Michigan.
> I hope this helps clarify the real location of the "OSS Chicago"
> organization.
> -Nate
> A resident of The Incorporated City of Chicago, Illinois
Kiran <kiran at mutantape.com>
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