[UFO Chicago] debian woody on an imac rev. b -- success!

me@redboy.cx me@redboy.cx
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 20:12:43 +0600 (CST)

Can we please get some moderation here? Last time I left this list was
because the mods sat through a stupid flame war (well, not really- they
created one in order to drum up attendance at the meetings, but that's
neither here nor there), I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that "KEN" has
nothing to contribute to the list and should be sloughed off like so much

I've already plonked him, but for the good of the list, I request that he
be removed. Thanks.

presence said:
> On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Nate Riffe wrote:
>> Just now presence made 15 LEDs in my apartment flash with this:
>> >
>> > KEN
>> > "Linux God"
>> Cute.  Very cute.  Particularly in light of your OS X suggestion.  Are
>> you self-titled or did someone actually call you that once?
> I bought my status at the Redhat store.
> As for the os X suggestion, are you possibly hinting that if I were a
> Linux God (which I am) that I cannot like anything else?
> By the same logic (or lack of) I'll take it you are caucasian. I know
> you spit upon all other races. You know, they are different and stuff
> and you can only be and like on thing at a time. The other side of the
> fence has to be bad because your side is good. Can I get a ketchup bath
> at your next Klan rally, or does that apply only at a UFO meeting?
> Just an example in good nature, to show how silly your statement is,
> assuming I read it right.
> "Apple Developer/Linux God"
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