[UFO Chicago] debian woody on an imac rev. b -- success!

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 17:41:08 -0600

Quoting Crow Leader:
> > 1. Money. I'm not going to buy or pirate OS/X.
> The no upgrade discount from 10.x to 10.2 Jaguar is shitty at best. It's too
> bad, apple lost out on the second sale all together.

This Rev. B iMac shipped with OS 8.x -- I didn't even have 10.x.

> RAM is close to free these days. Using memory to shim a door or crooked
> appliances is not too bad of an idea.

If you have a free SODIMM that the Rev. B iMac is compatible with, I'd
be happy to install it in my iMac. But for now, there are better
things to do with my money.

> Listening to word on the street about os X performance is quite original.

I have a friend who put OS/X on his G3 laptop and said it was a dog,
even when he turned off the bells and whistles. I have two other
friends who are professional Mac Admins, one of whom told me not to
bother, and the other said it might be passable if I got enough memory
AND turned off the effects. Why bother with all that when I can have a
nice looking and stable and fully featured OS that runs well in the
current environment for 0$?

> It's an OS, remember abstraction between software and hardware. What is the
> problem with it's "freeness?"

To name two: 1. I like that Debian was built from the ground up by
volunteer hackers and I have complete control over the environment. 2.
It didn't cost me anything.

> What was the problem you are solving again? We may be on different pages
> here.

I'm making it into an ogg ripping/playing internet appliance for my
"entertainment center". But it doesn't have to be that simple; there
are any number of things for which GNU/Linux would be a better choice
than OS/X in this situation.

uncle pedro

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