[UFO Chicago] Dual head X

Ian Bicking ianb@colorstudy.com
Thu, 6 Feb 2003 16:07:54 -0600

Has anyone here set up dual head for X?  I'd like to do so -- for now I 
have an extra 15" monitor sitting around, though in the future I'd like 
to use an LCD for the second monitor.

I'm not sure what to get for the video card.  I actually have an old 
PCI video card that I used with Linux before, my impression is that I 
should just be able to put that in for a second monitor.  It's not a 
great card, but this is strictly for 2D.  New PCI video cards seem hard 
to find and overpriced.  Otherwise it seems like some Radeon's are 
dual-head at a reasonable price.  The one's I'm finding all seem to 
have VGA and DVI connectors, so I believe I'd be forced to get an LCD 
to use the second monitor, or perhaps get a DVI->VGA adapter (?).  It's 
inferred they are dual-head, but I'm not sure -- I assume at least some 
are single-head with dual ports.  Matrox has some clearly dual-head 
cards, but they seem overpriced.

Anyway, advice or experiences appreciated.