[UFO Chicago] "Intellectual Property" debate in Chicago

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Thu, 06 Feb 2003 05:30:41 +0000

I thought this might be of interest to local Linux users. It is co-sponsored by 
another cool project - the Illegal Art Exhibit www.illegal-art.org ...

Who Owns Ideas?
Intellectual Property Rights & Wrongs
The Public Square presents a debate about privacy, piracy, intellectual
property and the public domain.

LAWRENCE LESSIG: Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and founder of the
school?s Center for Internet and Society. Most recently, Lessig represented
Eric Eldred in the ground-breaking Supreme Court case Eldred v. Ashcroft.
Lessig was recently named one of Scientific American?s Top 50 Visionaries.

DJ SPOOKY: Paul D. Miller is a conceptual artist, writer, and musician
working in NYC. He is a Co-Publisher of the magazine "A Gathering of the
Tribes.? Under the moniker ?DJ Spooky that subliminal Kid,? he has
collaborated with a wide variety of pre- eminent musicians and composers.

JONATHAN TASINI: President of the National Writers Union, labor journalist,
activist for creators? rights, and the lead plaintiff in Tasini, et. al. vs.
The New York Times, et. al., the landmark lawsuit over electronic rights.

Jenny Toomey, Executive Director of the Future of Music Coalition,
intellectual, activist and musician. Toomey co-ran an independent record
label and was named one of Internet Weekly's ?25 Unsung Heroes of the Web?
in 2001.

Date: February 15th, 2003 Time: 6- 8 PM

Place: Chicago Historical Society, Clark Street at North Avenue

http://www.thepublicsquare.org or call 312.799.2284 for reservations.  Free.

The Public Square is a non-profit organization that bridges the gap between
universities and larger communities and creates opportunities for public
discourse on socially relevant issues.  The February 15th debate will tie
into our current explorations of the complexities of citizenship and related
rights.  Our efforts aim to help create a more participatory democracy.