[UFO Chicago] phone + PDA combos

Robert B. Moses robert.moses at helioslogic.com
Tue Aug 12 10:21:33 EDT 2003

My boss just purchased, tried out and promptly returned a Samsung 
SPH-i500 Palm/PCS phone (from Sprint).  It was quite a horror story 
involving trying to hot-sync and getting fatal errors (on the palm) and 
on the desktop (win2k), and finally the phone simply not working at all. 
Verdict: too much time wasted already so back to the store it goes!

What this has made me wonder is, what is the state of PDA/Phone combo 
devices?  The i500 looked like it had real potential, nice size, 
features, etc. I have to this point avoided PDAs because I want to keep 
the number of gadgets hanging on my belt to a minimum (Batman factor). I 
would consider "band-wagon-on-jumping" if there was a rock solid combo, 
but this is an area I know nothing about. What experiences do you all 
have (Larry, I know you are the PDA fiend)?  Have you used PDA/Phones or 
have you had better luck with separate devices? Any opinions on what is 
better for gear heads versus simple non-techie folk?


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