[UFO Chicago] Network fileshares

d.w. harks dave@psys.org
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 09:39:02 -0600

I've done several projects using CVS and it's great for what it
is. There's nothing like being able to see who put what into the
archive when, and to checkout the code as of a particular time and
date, whenever you wish.

The manaul intervention thing isn't that big of a deal, once you set
up the repository -- it does all the hard stuff for you. You just
have to remember to do a cvs commit when you're done working on
something, and it encourages you to detail what you've done at that
point -- which means change-logging is included in the process. (Yet
another benefit of that manual commit step!)

So I highly recommend CVS to anyone who works with evolving projects
-- it's the sort of thing where the more you need out of it, the
more you realize it already has waiting for you.


> CVS is something I feel I should come to terms with.  Even now that I've
> found LUFS... which I definitely plan to use, until it breaks horribly
> for me, which is bound to happen... I still feel I should be using CVS
> for more.  It requires manual intervention, but in general versioning is
> something that deserves that intervention.
> It would be hard for files that I'd like to update live, but there's
> lots of stuff -- especially web projects I work on -- where I shouldn't
> be doing that anyway.  I should be updating, testing, and then finally
> exporting to the live location.

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