[UFO Chicago] Laptop mounting bracket?

Jesse Becker jesse_becker@yahoo.com
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:35:01 -0800 (PST)

--- Jordan Bettis <jordanb@hafd.org> wrote:
> Perhaps it'd be easier to just meet up with someone else
> with a
> laptop and swap out disks, they can then use their laptop
> to
> rsync your disk onto your desktop.

Ahh..but that presumes that my laptop runs long enough to
finish booting, much less rsync some many gigbytes of data.
 Normally, this would be one of the first courses of action
I'd take.

> Also, how old is your laptop/disk? If it was made before
> 1998 (iirc)
> there's a chance that the disk uses a nonstandard
> interface, in which
> case you're really in a bind.

Not that old.  It's a Dell Latitude CPr with a P-II 400
chip.  I'm 99% sure that it's straight 2.5" IDE.


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