[UFO Chicago] Laptop mounting bracket?

d.w. harks dave@psys.org
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 09:32:25 -0600

I don't have the mounting bracket or cable, but to solve the same problem
recently I've used the Knoppix CD-based Linux distro to boot the
laptop, mount the drive, and copy the data to a Windows file
share. I'm sure you could do the same with NFS or FTP.

Good luck, HTH.


In our last episode, Jesse Becker expounded thusly:
> I may have asked this before, but I'm extremely
> muddle-headed right now, so bear with me...
> Does anyone have one of those laptop mounting brackets that
> you can use to connect a 2.5"laptop drive to desktop IDE
> chain that I can borrow for 2 weeks (i.e. from the meeting
> tomorrow to the meeting 2 weeks hence)?  My laptop is going
> all flakey on me, and I want to try and salvage the data if
> at all possible.
> Thanks,
> --Jesse
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