[UFO Chicago] 'must have' packages

Jordan Bettis jordanb@hafd.org
Wed, 6 Nov 2002 09:08:22 -0600 (CST)

Peter A. Peterson II said:
> Quoting Nick Moffitt:
>> 	It might be worthwhile to keep a metapackage handy and
>> maintained for the future.  I started doing this with zork, but lost
>> interest mostly because I knew I wouldn't use it.
> Yeah -- it's the kind of thing that if you rebuild one box every 3
> years or something, it's a little heavy handed to have a
> metapackage... but then if you have to do it more often, or you're
> trying to get people or other servers up and running quick, something
> like a metapackage would be real handy...

You know, I just recently upgraded trillian's hard drive, and am in the
process of upgrading slarty's hard drive. In both cases I'm just using
rsync -a to copy the old to the new. The great thing about it is that it
takes no prep work whatsoever and puts everything back *exactly* where
it was.

Granted, it wouldn't work very well in a hard drive crash, but if you
have the space to spare you could keep a copy of all the system bits in
backup. It'd use up alot of space but if you don't think you'd
properly maintain a metapackage (Which would need to be *perfectly*
maintained for it to be of use if you want it to diff /etc properly),
it would be a nice, low maintenence alternative.

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