[UFO Chicago] TNIUFCNAKPAG: last call

Rob Latham rob@terizla.org
Thu, 23 May 2002 18:43:49 -0500

So far i've gotten key fingerprints from the following:
Nate Riffe      
Neil R. Ormos   
robert moses                        
Peter A. Peters                     
Ian Bicking     
Rob Latham      

I'm going to print stuff out in less than one hour ( 1930 hrs CDT ).
If i didn't get your key fingerpint, please send it to me before then.
Hopefully this will not be the last keysigning event and you can get
your key signed the next time around if i miss getting your print this


Rob Latham                                        Woodridge, IL USA
EAE8 DE90 85BB 526F 3181                   1FCF 51C4 B6CB 08CC 0897