Surferd00d8123 spork@zork.net
Tue, 5 Mar 2002 19:50:49 -0800

Hey bros,
I'm new to the chi-town nerd scene (just figured out I was a nerd and
was looking for some like minded people) I've been disowned by my
surfer bros in sunny california and have gone ahead and relocated to a
little place I like to call chi-town (not to be confused with a little
place I privately call chinatown in LA).  I'm living large here in the
south side but its been hell finding a beach.  

Well bros, give me the 214 on the area and some good software you use
here in chicago, preferably software that works well the the cheaper
side of the town (Shouts to AC my not quite hyde park homie!) 

I'll probably stop by the next UFO meeting assuming I can find
my bro George's house. I met him at the deli in the airport and I'll
probably call him up when I'm done talking to my nerd bros, AKA YOU!

 If you can't surf it,
 arrange to have surfed.