[UFO Chicago] setting up mutt mail

Nate Riffe inkblot@movealong.org
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 16:40:48 -0600

Quoting Lukas Eklund:
> Quoting John Kilbourne:
> > How do I tell the mutt its address, so it can receive and send and 
> > receive mail outside my own little network of one user? 
> This doc might be somewhat useful:
> http://www.linuxnovice.org/main_software.php3?VIEW=VIEW&t_id=146
> The only drawback with using mutt to fetch your POP mail is that you
> don't get to use procmail to filter all incoming mail. You can also
> use fetchmail to get your mail and procmail to filter it and put it in
> specific mailboxes. But I haven't actually done that, so I'm really no
> help at all.

Fetchmail is a program whose sole purpose is to get mail from some mail
server using POP, SPOP (in the SSL enhanced version), IMAP, and/or
SIMAP, and then inject it into the local mail delivery system. Fetchmail
can run in two modes, batch mode or daemon mode.  In batch mode, it
checks all configured mailboxes, delivers available mail and exits.  In
daemon mode, it forks and the child process runs in the background
checking the configured mailboxes periodically.  Fetchmail injects
incoming mail into the local delivery system by connecting to port 25
and issuing the appropriate SMTP commands.  Note that this requires an
installed and running MTA, such as exim, postfix, qmail, or sendmail
(sendmail is default under Red Hat, exim under Debian, and I use
postfix).  Fetchmail configuration is documented in the fetchmailrc man
page, and there is also a configurator (fetchmailconf) with a GUI.  Note
that fetchmail only handles incoming mail.

If you use fetchmail for your incoming mail, then you must have an MTA
running, which is sufficient to handle your outgoing mail, so long as
your mail client (mutt in your case) is configured to insert an
appropriate From: header.


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