[UFO Chicago] very newbie 'nix question

Adam Lazur adam@lazur.org
Sun, 27 Jan 2002 17:16:08 -0500

Nate Riffe (inkblot@movealong.org) said:
> 2) How do I set the line wrap?  My lines are going all the way to the
> edge of my xterm (probably about 140 chars +/- 15) in the editor.  I
> have no idea how mutt normally does things.  Note: the editor in
> question is nano, not vim.

I slapped the following in my girlfriend's muttrc (she's a pine

set editor="nano +9 -r72 -t %s"

check out the nano manpage to see what the options do, but I believe
-r72 will do the wrapping at 72 columns.

Adam Lazur, Cluster Monkey