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Larry Garfield lgarfiel@students.depaul.edu
Fri, 06 Dec 2002 03:52:18 -0600

Ian Bicking wrote:

> In the course of this, the more time I spend in the text editor, the
> more time I spend in my chair.  We should debate more vigorously on the
> merits of different chairs.  I don't believe in arm rests on chairs, for
> instance... arms at rest are the devil's playground!  Counterpoint?

I too have spent much time and thought on chairs.  (And the dual meaning 
of that phrase is quite deliberate.)  I used to use arm-less chairs, and 
got along fine.  Then I got my current chair, and decided that I rather 
liked the arms on it.  They gave a good support to my elbows, as I could 
then rest my elbows upon them and the would hold my arms at a good 
height to type.

However, I have since moved to another, lower desk.  That has 
necessitated a corresponding adjustment of my arm rests, and of my work 
environment.  I have discovered that while my forearm is at a good 
height for the keyboard when the arms are lowered to their lowest level, 
my shoulders are raised about a half inch higher than they ideally 
should be.  As a result, I am slightly hunched at the computer on a 
regular basis.  Generally that is not a huge problem, but as I spent 
more time on a keyboard it has become more noticeable.

The point was driven home in late August when my roommate and I hosted a 
LAN Party at our appartment for 12 hours straight of gaming (much fun 
was had by all), and half way through I had to remove one of the arms 
and leave it lying on the floor, because otherwise my shoulder began to 
twitch and spasm.  Once I removed the arm, the top of my shoulder was no 
longer compressed, and the pain subsided quickly and I was able to wreck 
much carnage upon my foes.

So arm wrests can be beneficial as elbow rests, provided that they are 
at an appropriate height so as to level the forearm without causing 
undue compression to the tops shoulder.  That, however, is highly 
dependant upon both the size of the person and the height of the desk.

I suppose soon I shall have to try removing both of my arm wrests and 
seeing how I feel after a week.

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