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?$B!|Tender-hearted Aliens And Cruel-hearted Alien No2  

The cruel-hearted alien who won the battle against tender-hearted aliens-alliances has everything his own way and commit his crimes one after another in triumph.
The lost tender-hearted aliens try to return to power quietly in the corner of the universe. 

The cruel-hearted alien goes into raptures as the ruler of the universe and comes to have a higher target secondly.

He wants to be superior to the God who created the whole universe. 

Naturally he will start imitating the God.

To begin with he creates a life.

He creates microbes at first and creates bigger lives later.

He creates every kind of life. Of course the planet on which lives are grown is improved so that they can easily grow up.

However he comes to get tired of it while he is following it as long as several million years.

He wonders if there are any good ways to kill time.

"Aren't there any good ways to kill time and moreover to be worshipped as the God?"

"That's it. Let's create the same-figured lives with himself,teach them many things as his pets and make them worship him."

"If I make the same-figured lives with myself, I will not be terrified when they see me among them."

Humans were created. He boarded on the space-ship , come down from the air, alighted on the earth and taught created
 humans farming,words and so on.

Humans made peaceful families, which became groups and the number of them came to be increased. 

He was worshipped as a god when he taught farming,words and so on. He was considerably contented.

However, he got tired of this after a while. He wondered if there were any more interesting things which could satisfy his cruel mind. 
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