[UFO Chicago] Apple hires chief evangelist for FreeBSD

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Tue, 26 Jun 2001 13:45:16 -0500

Quoting Thomas:
> No, the GUI isn't open, and Apple has actually cracked down on people who
> have posted "schemes" that modify the look of the GUI (something that is
> really p.ing a lot of Mac users off), though at the moment this MAY have
> stopped or at least quieted down.
> I have read from more than one trusted source that, in their opinion, the
> GUI cannot even be created with the source code Apple has released.  I have
> also read that the Darwin licence allows for Apple to make it closed at ANY
> time for any reason.  I haven't read the licence, but as an OSX owner I
> probably have a copy that I can post here if anyone wants to have a look.

I'm sure that we could find it somewhere else, but it might be nice to
have a copy of the Darwin license on-list, since the whole Mac OS/X
thing is something of an anomaly in the free-software world. Are they
free? Are they proprietary? ARE THEY TO BE TRUSTED??

Seriously though, go ahead and post the license, if it's not twenty
pages long. I'm interested.


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