[UFO Chicago] Enduser Journal #3

Matthew Sayler sayler@speedsite.com
Fri, 22 Jun 2001 16:20:32 -0500

> 450MHz G4, 640 MB RAM, 128 RagePro with 16 MB, 40 GB IBM hard drive, 10/100 ether (right now crossed over to a Snap server) and Airport card (802.11), Logitech wireless trackball that has worked extremely well as a 3 button mouse (it has 2 buttons plus the center wheel-button).
> Now my questions:
> Is there actually any point to having a 256MB swap?  Would it cause any problems?  The kernel I'm using is 2.2.19-k if that has any sway.

Note that if you move to a 2.4 series kernel you are more-or-less required
to have swap for 2 times your physical memory.  There are several .. issues
right now with the 2.4 VM system that cause this.


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