[UFO Chicago] kernel building, quick and dirty

Sean Neakums sneakums@zork.net
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 16:25:48 +0100

>>>>> "BTG" == Brian T Grant <sbgrant@telocity.com> writes:

    BTG> Both make dep and make clean ran fine - as far as I could
    BTG> tell - but make bzImage errored out quite early.  My problem
    BTG> was the result of Stel's .config file having been from kernel
    BTG> 2.4.2, and I was working with 2.4.5.

A nice way to bring a .config from an older kernel to a new one is to
simply copy it to the kernel directory (naming it .config, of course)
and run `make oldconfig'.  This will run through the config file and
ask you about any new options added since that config file was
generated.  I've brought my .config file from early 2.4.0 releases all
the way to 2.4.7 with no problems using this method.  Once you have
done that, you can use `make menuconfig' or `make xconfig' to
add/remove any other options as appropriate.

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