[UFO Chicago] dpkg --reconfigure

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 17:40:34 -0500

Quoting Nate Riffe:
> Hey Debian gurus, I need a hand.  I have some installed packages that need
> to be reconfigured.  There is no such thing as 'dpkg --reconfigure' or
> similar aparatus.  Does anyone have any suggestions before I go into
> /var/lib/dpkg/status and manually change these packages' status to
> 'unpacked'?

>From /usr/doc/debconf/userguide.html:

> Reconfiguring a package
> One of the first things you will probably want to use debconf for is to
> reconfigure a package. You installed the package, and answered debconf's
> questions, but now that you've used it a while, you realize you want to
> go back and change some of your answers. In the past, reinstalling a
> package was often the thing to do when you got in this situation, but
> when you reinstall the package, debconf seem to remember you have
> answered the questions, and doesn't ask them again.
> Luckily, debconf makes it easy to reconfigure any package that uses it.
> Say you want to reconfigure debconf itself. Just run, as root:
>     dpkg-reconfigure --priority=medium debconf
> This will ask all the questions you saw when debconf was first
> installed. You can use it on any other package that uses debconf, as
> well.

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