[UFO Chicago] SuSE for Alpha and other ramblings... note for Paul too...

Thomas thomas@chicagomac.com
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 13:55:33 -0500

Ok, 6:30 sounds good then- not too early, not too late.

I think it'd be fine doing this over by you as long as you can explain what
I would need to change... maybe after we have the box set up and I have my
ISP routing to here I can have you out to take a look and see the rest of
the shop.  And while you're here we can pull a ladder out and take a look at
the roof.


quoting Peter:

> Sure. I could go as early as 5:30 or 6:00 if you'd prefer. If anyone
> else is interested in sitting in, that'd be cool.
> Oh, and THomas, I'm not opposed to coming to your office -- I have a
> car. It just depends what you'd like to do. Since your ISP is still
> recieving your mail, it really doesn't matter if we're on your
> particular IP address, I suppose. All you'd have to do is change your
> network information once you got it to the office.
> What all woudl you like it to do? Mail, mailing lists, apache?
> pedro
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