[UFO Chicago] SuSE for Alpha and other ramblings... note for Paul too...

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 10:54:34 -0500

Quoting Thomas:
>    Anyway, since this is a work project I can probably bring in outside
>    help and I can't think of anyone more qualified for a SuSE install
>    than our own Paul.  So Paul, if you read this and you're at all
>    interested, e-mail with your rates and schedule and we'll try to work
>    something out, and if you're not interested that's ok too.  Other
>    options may be me bringing the box somewhere and maybe doing it as a
>    group project.  As it stands this machine isn't being used for anthing
>    and my bosses feeling is "so what if you f*** it up".  That's about as
>    much encouragement as we ever get around here.

Thomas, I would try contacting Helios and see what they say as far as
Linux distros are concerned. And not to be a broken record, but I think
that Debian for Alpha is pretty well supported. But Paul, I'm sure you'd
*love* to do that job, eh?

(And incidentally, next week is a good time for me for the whole
mailserver thing.)

>    Probably not the best use of the UFO forum.

This is a great use of the forum, in my opinion. We're a small enough
and a tight enough group that we can do this kind of thing for each
other, and talk about these kinds of issues as a group.

Beaujolais! One more proprietary server down in favor of Free SOftware!


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