[UFO Chicago] Linksys Firmware update

Tom Printy tprinty@mail.megapathdsl.net
Mon, 9 Jul 2001 12:35:20 -0400 (EDT)

> Does it actually have two antennas, though?  Even if they are not external
> antenna connectors, witness how hackable the DLink AP was
> (http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/DlinkAccessPointComments).  In
> order to even work as a two-directional relay the thing has to actually
> have two antennas.
Yes it appers that there are two antennas on the box  check out

> Perhaps more importantly, since this thing is a mere bridge, it won't
> route.  It'll just rebroadcast whatever it picks up.  Besides the fact
> that you'd be toeing the line with the FCC, you'd end up with wider cells,
> and hence a lower capacity network.  Note that this is probably prefectly
> acceptable for the time being (except for the FCC, which is never
> acceptable).

> Ignoring all of that, though, it sure would be fun to play with.
> -Nate

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