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Additional notes:

CTA Cars...  Weight: 50,000 lbs. Volts: 600  Amps: 40 used per car  per 
operator on Yellow line.

Baudot Code: http://www.teltexinc.com/faq/index.htm - 5 Bit Larry is correct.
Transmitted at 45.5 baud - yes that is without a k.


> Well, the Gullivers' end of the year pizza par-TAY went quite well, I
> thought.
> We had a solid turn out of 10, with one person showing up but having
> to leave (was that you, Sten?). In attendance were:
> Eliott Shank, Nate Riffe, Larry Garfield, Paul Suda, Ian Bicking,
> Peter A. Peterson II, Mike McCune, Jack Beglinger, Neil Ormos, and
> Michael Castelle.
> Pizzas eaten: One Pedro special, one cheese, one pepperoni. Ian
> Bicking was sent home with the leftovers.
> Sagas related: Pedro's Trouble with DirecTV
> Topics argued about: Oy! Politics, practical means of energy
> generation/selling back to the grid, air travel, constitutionality of
> rights suspension, you name it. I don't know if we argued at all about
> computer stuff though.
> Larry showed off his Zaurus, which was mighty keen IMHO, and next time
> Neil and Jack should be in a ring with boxing gloves on. Larry can be
> the guy who dings the bell, Eliott can be the guy in the Ref shirt,
> and the rest of us can be in the crowd.
> All and all though, it was great fun -- thanks for turning out; we may
> have to do this kind of thing more often.
> pedro
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