The National Free Sklyarov site can be found here. Please see them for more info on Dmitry's recent release and subsequent return to Russia!

The Dmitry Sklyarov Chicago Protest Site

And a hearty welcome to the NIPRNET folks at Kelly AFB!

Click here for info on August 30th's Protest!

Dmitry Sklyarov is a Russian programmer being prosecuted under the terms of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). His crime: writing a piece of software that allows users of Adobe's E-book software to exercise their fair use rights -- archiving, reinstalling, moving, and more. The problem is that like many tools, such software (any such software) can be used for both legal and illegal purposes.

For this very reason, the U.S. Legislation passed a law in 1998 that makes writing software capable of breaking copyright protection a Federal offense. No consideration is taken into whether such software can be used for legal means.

Consider the many items you own or may have created that can be used for both legal and illegal purposes. We have an understanding in America that objects and knowledge are not illegal until you commit a crime. Then consider that computer software is not afforded that same freedom -- the very act of writing some forms of software is a crime!

Dmitry is in the custody of the Northern District of California, and is being tried for 5 counts of copyright violations. He faces up to 25 years and $2,500,000 in fines for his so-called "crimes."

This page is your resource for all official materials put together by the Chicago protest group headed up by Nate Riffe and Peter A. Peterson II.

We have currently produced:


A NEW PROTEST is scheduled for Thursday, August 30th 11:00 AM, at the Harold Washington Library at 400 S. State Street in the loop. Dmitry's arraignment is the same day, and we want to continue to spread the word that he should be released and that the DMCA is a bad law. PLEASE read our protest packet and print up 50 posters for yourself to hand out. We have a few signs, but if you want to guarantee that you have one, I suggest that you make your own. Also, read up on the situation so you can help spread the word accurately and effectively.

We will also have two petitions to sign -- one for our Illinois senators, and one for the prosecutor in the Northern District of California. I'll bring clipboards for them, but we'll want some people to stand with them.

Finally, if you're interested in joining us, please subscribe to our mailing list and ask any other questions you might have. See you tomorrow!

Directions to the Harold Washington Library can be found here, or via the CTA's tripfinder at: The Library page mentions a "Library station," but I'm not sure if any station is marked as such. Best to check the RTA Chicago site.

-- Peter and Nate


ANOTHER PROTEST is scheduled for Monday, August 13th. It will be held at the Dirksen Federal Building downtown (219 S. Dearborn St.) or at the Dirksen Federal Building from 11:00AM to 1:00PM. We also have a revised protest packet, please READ IT before coming down to join us. Also, please subscribe to the mailing list for more information.

7/30/01: The July 30th protest was another success, with about twenty people in attendence. Around 1000 flyers were handed out and discussions were held.

7/23/01: The Chicago protest on July 23rd went great, and this site got slashdotted! The word is spreading, my friends!

The main source of information dissemination is our Chicago-area mailing list.

We are planning on peacefully demonstrating Monday morning downtown in the loop across from the Dirksen federal building. For more information, see either the press release or the protest information packet.

Or, contact either Nate Riffe or Peter A. Peterson II.

Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to seeing you.

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