[sklyarov-chicago] Chicago Protest Report

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Mon, 30 Jul 2001 19:09:31 -0500

Chicago's leafletting today went well, again passing out around 1,000
flyers with about 20 people (a little less than the first one). All in
all, pretty good. Many more people seemed to know about the situation,
although it's still frustrating that afaik, no Chicago news outlet has
reported on the Sklyarov case.

We'll probably take a week or two off -- I think that we can organize a
better, more coherent protest as well as muster up more returners (we
had about half totally new people today) if we make a little breathing
room before the next protest. Additionally, our next protest will
hopefully be more of an actual protest as opposed to a leafletting
campaign, although I had a cool idea -- instead of getting one plaza in
a place like downtown Chicago, get one guy on as many adjacent
streetcorners as possible -- visibility at every crosswalk. *shrug*

Taking some time off may help in coordinating some better media

Anyway, a lot more people in Chicago now know about the situation with
Sklyarov. Many thanks to returners and all new protesters. Stay tuned
for more details.


   FREE DMITRY SKLYAROV -- FBI has imprisioned a Russian software 
   engineer for promoting and teaching the concept of "fair use".
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