[UFO Chicago] Pulseaudio Problem Solved

Jay F. Shachter jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Fri Jun 23 13:10:46 CDT 2023

Esteemed Colleagues:

The pulseaudio problem has been solved.

I solved it by re-doing everything I described in my previous
posting.  Now it works, on both Linux and FreeBSD.  It seems that I
had mistyped something the first time, probably I got a digit wrong in
an IP address.

Actually, everything does not work.  It works when I set PULSE_SERVER
to be and when I set PULSE_SERVER to be tcp:
It does not work when I set PULSE_SERVER to be tcp:,
so apparently pulseaudio uses port 16001 for something else.  If
anyone wants to tell us what, that would be interesting (it is not a
web interface, I already tested that).

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