[UFO Chicago] How To Do A Reverse Image Search For Someone's TikTok Avatar

Jay F. Shachter jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Sun Jun 18 15:00:46 CDT 2023

Esteemed Colleagues:

I have a seemingly-simple question which is turning out to be
maddeningly hard to answer, if one is a user of free operating

I have an image of someone's TikTok avatar and I want to find out, for
entirely legitimate and non-stalkerish reasons, the name of the person
to whom it belongs.  The standard search engines (except for Google
image search, which I cannot get to work) have not located it, but I
am sure I could search for it on TikTok.  It appears -- please correct
me if I am wrong -- that to do so, I must acquire a TikTok account.

Which I have not been able to do.  When I direct my browser to the
TikTok website and attempt to sign up, at some point in the signup
process I am instructed to "for security reasons, continue on the
TikTok app".  I do not own a cellphone.  When I look for a TikTok app
that can be downloaded onto a computer, I find apps for Microsoft
Windows and for MacOS, but none for any free operating systems.

How does a user of free operating systems create a TikTok account, or,
without one, perform a reverse image search on a TikTok avatar?  As
always, thank you in advance for any and all replies.

(If any members of this mailing list wish to discuss whether one
should even have that piece of spyware on any of one's computers, I
welcome that discussion, too.)

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