[UFO Chicago] order of restoring partitions with gnome disk utility

Calvin Pryor calvinpryor at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 17:07:17 CDT 2023

Howdy gang,

Haven't been to a meeting in over 10 years
but I do recall the group is exceptionally good with things like this.

Posted this  on ask ubuntu

but thought I'd run it by the group as well.

I have a 240GB SDD that has failed.
But I did backup all the individual partitions with gnome disk utility.
Unfortunately, I did not do a "disk image" with gnome disk.
I only have images of each partition.

202306030934_Filesystem_Partition5_240GBExt4.img 239.5 GB (file system)
202306030934_exdtendedPartition_Partition2_240GB.img 1KB (extended
202306030934_Filesystem_Partition1_537MBFAT.img 536.9MB (MBR/boot partition)

So I have the same PC all set up with a new SSD (exact same model)

And I can boot into the Ubunto 20.04 live USB (same OS version as the
partition backups)

What is the proper procedure to use gnome disk utility to restore the
partitions to the new SSD?
Specifically, in what order do I need to restore the partitions?
For example: Do I need to restore the MBR first, so it gets put at the
front of the new disk?
Then the main file partition, then the extended partition?


Calvin Pryor
calvinpryor at gmail.com
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