[UFO Chicago] Now Taking Requests For Free Operating Systems

Matthew T. Gibbs ufochicago-mail at mattgibbs.us
Sat Jul 22 21:59:48 CDT 2023

On Friday, July 21, 2023 4:26:31 PM CDT Jay F. Shachter wrote:
> I am now taking requests.  I will bring this laptop to the next
> in-person ufo meeting, and you may all play with it.  What other
> operating systems do you want me to install on it?  In particular, the
> Linux area has room for 2 or 3 more Linux distributions.  I figured
> that one of them ought to be RHEL or an RHEL clone, but I have no
> opinion about the others.  If you could only have 3 or 4 Linux
> distributions on your computer, which ones ought you to have?  I also
> have room for several more non-Linux operating systems.  Which ones do
> you want to see installed on this computer?

Slackware might be interesting to check out.


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