[UFO Chicago] Meeting Change

James L. Mazurek james at mazurek.chicago.il.us
Tue Jun 27 13:42:01 PDT 2017

Hello Jay,

This notice is a courtesy to let people know that the usual meeting 
attendees won't be at the Golden Nugget Pancake House tonight.

In respect to the alternate meeting location and activity, we would prefer 
to know who to expect rather than to have semi-random people simply show 

Jay, if you would like to join us I will send you the meeting location 
details via email. Please let me know.

Jim Mazurek

On Tue, 27 Jun 2017, Jay F. Shachter wrote:

> Centuries ago, Nostradamus predicted that James L. Mazurek would write on Mon Jun 26 15:19:40 2017:
>> Hello All:
>> I would like to inform members that the "Users of Free Operating systems
>> -- Chicago" with not be meeting at the Golden Nugget for the June 2017 4th
>> Tuesday meeting. Instead, a small group of regular attendees plan to
>> gather at an alternate location in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago to
>> hold a Voice over IP workshop.
>> Other members who may be interested in attending may send a RSVP
>> to matt at lightningmail.net or myself at james at mazurek.chicago.il.us for
>> meeting details.
>> I apologize for the short notice.
>> --
>> Jim Mazurek
>> james at mazurek.chicago.il.us
> Why not just announce the meeting details on the mailing list?
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